Osu tutorial (joke)

If you are a begginer , most likely you will think how to get better , you ask around and understand to get better you need to play more. but here’s a hole. You can watch a video and get better as the best player in the world

Watch the video here

aspire, osu

Vaxei vs WubWoofWolf on The Solace of Oblivion (Aspire)

who doesn’t like aspire , especially when its verses two of the most popular players.Vaxei who is currently 2nd in the ranking and WWW who is currently 35th in the ranking

Please note that this Aspire is made by MinG3012

Watch the replay here


Osu!mania 12k pp but on an unofficial server

Jhlee0133.The best player in osu!mania decided show people that nothing is impossible.He managed to score 12004pp on Piano beatmap set [Circus Galop – 7k Hell LN]. but the problem is that the play is in an unofficial server called ripple.Although the pp system is still the same.He proves that harder beatmaos should be ranked in the official osu server

You can watch the replay here


Aspire 2017

Aspire , the mapping event that everyone loves (or hate) because there are no rules.This year song was Helblinde – The Solace of Oblivion.And the winner is Somber ibis mapped by Profesionalbox.The second place is took by Versatile Mallar mapped by MinG3012.And the third place is took by Tranquil Shipmunk mapped by Emilia.

You can watch Somber ibis here

You can watch Versatile Mallar here

You can watch Tranquil Shipmunk here

They are played by the same guy , Doomsday