Osu!mania first 2000+pp

Osu!mania and osu are really differend.In osu people think that 1000pp is impossible.While in osu!mania a guy named jhlee033 scored 2198pp on xi – Ascension to Heaven [Elysium] +DT.Its amazing what humans are capable of.

You can watch the replay here


New world record set by Cookiezi

Once upon a time, long long ago, 800pp couldn’t have even been thought of. Now, one man stands with 2 such scores in his hands. Yes, you heard it right, Cookiezi has set the 2nd 800pp osu!std play and the highest osu!std play of all time, with a 99.55% HDDT FC on kradness&Reol – Remote Control to earn himself 817pp.

Watch the reply here